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Marriage in Bali, why not?

Bali is an exotic island that has a lot of panoramic scenery is very beautiful and diverse, culturally there was very friendly. is a fitting place to hold a wedding reception. a lot of hotels in Bali who have wedding packages, wedding receptions many agencies that offer their services at a relatively inexpensive price.

there are resorts that offer bali wedding, you can enjoy the thrill of a wedding in bali with delight. oh yeah almost forgot, I mean the resort AYANA Resort and Spa Bali there to offer "Wedding Packages wedding bali"

Bali Wedding

Couples are often searching for objects to satisfy the traditional custom of having 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' for luck on their wedding day, and unique experiences are at the heart of the 'Something New' Bali Wedding Package at AYANA Villa, the 3-bedroom presidential villa set on 3000sqm of cliff-top land over Jimbaran Bay. With this Bali honeymoon wedding package, couples will share special moments not only on their wedding day, but also before and after it, such as creating their own signature fragrance at AYANA's perfume-making studio, and escaping to Rock Bar Bali for sunset cocktails.

Bali Wedding

in there, square meter villa offers one lavish, breath-taking location for the ceremony, reception and any recovery events on the following day. Complete with a cliff-edge Wedding Gazebo, this is Bali’s most sought-after wedding venue, combining all the magic of a tropical marriage celebration with the style and comfort of our secluded villa property.

Bali Wedding

Bali Wedding

Bali Wedding

For more information please visit this link : Bali Wedding

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